Gypsy Fire, Bend, Oregon's best-known Tribal Style Bellydance troupe, has been mesmerizing audiences since 1999.  American Tribal Style® is a modern American fusion of traditional Middle Eastern dance  movements which celebrates the beauty, strength and grace of the female form, and the community of women who practice it.

Improvisation is the key to creativity in a style which strives for uniformity of presentation.  The soul of ATS® is communication among the dancers which is expressed in the group nature of the dance. Dancers often feel a deep connection with their dancing partners, a connection forged through dance, which creates a bond of sisterhood within the group. This trust and communication is often evident to viewers: many comment on the connection, the synchronous movement, and the joy we share in dance!

Gypsy Fire was formed in 1998 in Bend, Oregon, by director Quinn Donovan Fradet.  Having studied since 1994 with FatChanceBellyDance® (originators of ATS®) in San Francisco,  Quinn brought this style of dance to Central Oregon, and began Gypsy Fire. The troupe finds continuing inspiration in our fellow dancers, and in the blossoming variations of "classic" ATS® (FCBD® format). Quinn has completed the FCBD® Certification for Teaching ATS®, and is considered a General Studio (ATS®-based, yet not exclusively FCBD® movement vocabulary). While our roots are firmly planted in the structure set out by Carolena Nericcio, and FCBD®, we have begun to adopt movements of various dance stylings, and have adapted them to our troupe's dynamic, thus creating our unique "voice", much like the Gypsies (Rom) we honor in our name.

The troupe has participated in local and regional dance events since 1999, and is proud to be a part of the growing dance community in Central Oregon! Gypsy Fire has established a strong visible presence in the Bend, Oregon arts and nightlife scene, due to monthly shows at Taj Palace, Di Lusso/Royal Blend Café, and participation in local events as: Bend Summerfest, Fourth of July, The Bite of Bend, Procession of the Species, Media Mania and more. Regional events include: Tribal Fest (CA), Cues & Tattoos (Seattle, WA), Folk Life (Seattle, WA), Mediterranean Fantasy Festival "Med Fest" (WA), The Oregon Country Fair (Veneta, OR), Tribal Quest North West (Portland, OR), and the MEDGE (Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene) Fall Festival (Eugene, OR). Gypsy Fire has also sponsored and co-sponsored successful dance and drum workshops in Bend, namely with Sabine and Tribalation; Solace and Blue Damsel; and Ripe Figs Rhythms and Lynea Gillen, respectively, and were sponsored to teach and perform internationally, by the lovely ladies of Association Tamam for Tribal UMRAH 2009 in Biarritz (FRANCE) and Zaghareet! from Edmonton, Alberta (CANADA).

Gypsy Fire teaches continuing classes, workshops, and private lessons in Tribal Style Bellydance, and is available for hire for parties and private and corporate events; we have a sound system which is able to be tailored to the space. We'd love to help you add some "'Fire" to your next event! You can contact us by emailing: gypsyfirebellydance@gmail.com or by calling (541) 420-5416.

FatChanceBellyDance®, FCBD®, ATS®, and American Tribal Style®, are federally registered trademarks of FatChanceBellyDance, Inc.  For more information, please visit:  www.fcbd.com/about/legal.shtml